KCMOCO. Westport Candle in Travel Tin: Gold metal tin with black label.
Westport Candle - Travel Tin
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Westport Candle - Travel Tin

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As the birthplace of Kansas City, Westport has always drawn an interesting crowd. This rustic candle contains aromas of the type of natural ingredients that would have been available at Westport’s mercantile shops in the 1800’s. 


For over 50 years, Missouri's Western border functioned as the dividing line between the United States and the land of Native Americans. Starting in the 1830s, a handful of developers took advantage of the unique location on that border. John McCoy platted the land, set up a trading post, and called it “Westport” (Portal to the West).

Westport experienced success and grew quickly with money spent by Native Americans (allocated through the “Indian Removal Act”), and settlers stocking up before heading West. With Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion, Westport’s location was key to its growth, as The Oregon, California, and Santa Fe Trails all passed through on what is now Westport Road.

Westport merged with the “Town of Kansas” (an area to the North, platted 8 years later, also by McCoy) to become “Kansas City”. This is why, Lot #1, Block One, of McCoy’s plat, which is the northeast corner of Westport Road and Pennsylvania, can be called the birthplace of Kansas City.

Today the neighborhood serves as a thriving entertainment district filled with local businesses: shopping, dining, and drinking establishments of every variety. Seriously- name your poison: Whiskey? Champagne? Craft Beer? You are most likely to find a great place specializing in your chosen tonic, in Westport. 


  • Net Weight: 3.5 Fl Oz

  • Average 20 Hour Burn Time

  • Small Batch, Handmade in Kansas City, Missouri

  • Soy-Coconut-Beeswax Blend Free From Additives, Phthalates, & CA-65 Listed Chemicals.