Black candle jar with gold foil label reading: KCMOCO. Candles UNION STATION Net Wt: 12 Fl Oz

Union Station Candle - Classic Collection

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Minutes after midnight on 1st of November, 1914 the first train pulled into Union Station in KCMO. Over 100 years later, it’s a celebrated landmark. But some of the decades in between were sleepy at the Station, to say the least. This tranquil scent is in remembrance of the decades that the beauty sat in decline and vacancy. May we never let it happen again!




Union Station boomed throughout the first half of the 20th century, offering transit for train-travel hungry Americans: soldiers, mobsters, and even Walt Disney came and left KC through Union Station during its prime. With the introduction and growing popularity of automobiles, train travel took a heavy dip. Union Station went from 500+ trains per day to one train every other. This lack of traffic combined with suburban sprawl left the once glorious train station in a tailspin into a state of disarray. From the 1970s to 1990s the giant sat nearly empty, slowly becoming dilapidated.  Thanks to donations from local businesses and organizations, in conjunction with a one-eighth-of-a-cent sales tax bond approved by voters in 1992, around 200 million dollars were spent to painstakingly restore it to its former glory.

Now, Union Station shines once again; offering up not only train travel, but also traveling exhibitions, scientific exploration, an IMAX movie theatre, planetarium, shopping and dining options. and one of the most gorgeous ceilings around (take a look up next time you’re there! Those chandeliers….weight in at 3500 lbs each!)



  • Net Weight: 12 Fl Oz

  • Average 50 Hour Burn Time

  • Small Batch, Handmade in Kansas City, Missouri

  • Soy-Coconut-Beeswax Blend Free From Additives, Phthalates, & CA-65 Listed Chemicals.